New Ooze of iPhone Reveals Dominant Advantage of Apple


As Apple gets fuelled for WWDC and an expected disclose of iOS 12 publically, production of some of the parts needed for a new iPhone of 2018 is under way, since reported by Debby Wu and Mark Gurman. The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the manufacturing partner with Apple Inc. has began a mass production of the next-gen processor for the new iPhones that releasing later this year, as per people familiar with this incident.

The processor will most probably be called the A12 chip, which will be using a 7-nanometer design that can be faster, smaller, and more efficient rather than the current ones in the 10-nanometer chips that are being used in Apple handsets like the iPhone X and iPhone 8, the individuals said. They urged not to be identified discussing over private plans. TSMC and Apple declined to comment.

Whilst the starting of the core of chip fabrication of the new handsets should not be unveiling as a surprise during this time of the year, the immediate manufacturing policy of Apple is under the limelight once more. Like previous year as it was seen that the lag in manufacturing the components of the new facial identification system for the iPhone X, it just requires one area to have the whole process and a fault to glue up and the consumers encounter weeks of delays.  In this sense getting the output is the major elements of silicon underneath the way soon enough to witness issues and flaws is the key for unlocking sales community that it expects in the fourth quarter out of Apple.

This even triggers the gun on the race for being the first 7nm processor in a commercial Smartphone. The Snapdragon 855 of Qualcomm was announced in the first half of this year that’s also expected to use the 7nm technology. Provided the early potential launch of the Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung and accelerated production, one might think that Apple already got defeated in the race, but this latest indication is that the Note 9 will be built across the Snapdragon 845 of S9 and Exynos 9810. Apple will be encountering a peculiar situation of possessing a genuine specification advantage in one of the triplets of base-line Smartphones.