Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Added A New Screen For The Support Of Black Lives Matter


Call of duty: modern warfare and warzone recently added a new splash screen to the game for the ongoing support of black lives matter protest. Those players who recently boot up the game are seeing a new splash screen which contains the message of black lives matter. The display shares exclusive news for the Call of Duty community, and it’s getting viral among the gamers. The screen reads “our community is getting hurt”. Further, it talks about the inequalities faced by the community, which once again rose to the higher level. The call of duty community is condemning the act of injustice happening against the black community and are in full support for them.

The message also says until the new changes come, there will be no good community. Since the George Floyd incident happened, the rage from every field, whether it’s tech, game, business is coming forward. Now the COD community has also joined this list for the support of black lives. Those players who recently boot up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone will be able to see this new screen added by the company. The screen is also found to be appearing on the loading screen, and when a user switches between two different modes.

These changes are surely going to impact on the COD community, which is enormous since millions of players around the world play the game. Call of Duty is famous for having in-game racism, but this message is an indication that they also want to see a change. The murder of George Floyd also delayed the season 4 of COD, and developers also said they are taking extra measures to combat in-game racism. Infinity Ward is one of those developers who have come for the support of black lives matter.