Coronavirus Cases In Massachusetts Crossed The Number 100000


Everyone knows the condition of coronavirus cases in the USA has become severe, and it’s increasing every day. But the recent reports from Massachusetts show that the cadres here have crossed the one lakh numbers, which is a significant number of cases compared to other small states. On Monday, the department of health said the total number of positive cases is now at 97291, and the death toll is 6894. Even though this number shows only the confirmed cases, that’s also huge because the patients are near to one lakh.

Things are starting to go down from the last few days because health officials are also trying to consider the probable causes. After reviewing the likely number of cases, officials found that there were more than 3514 positive patients. Now, if we consider this number, then the total number of positive cases is now 100805. Probable cases included those people who were not tested before but got diagnosed with the virus through others’ infection. Probable death cases also mean those patients whose death certificate stated coronavirus positive even though they were tested positive for the virus. The number of tests for coronavirus is also high in Massachusetts because, in the last 24 hours, more than 599900 patients tested, out of which nearly 8000 found to be positive.

Health officials’ statements, which might show you the higher number of cases, also reveal the other side of the story i.e., this state has been able to do lots of tests. Middlesex has the most cases with the number higher than 22000, and Suffolk County has 18581 positive cases. People aged between 30-59 have been mostly diagnosed with this virus, and older adults are dying more frequently than others.