Facebook Flick

Facebook Created Flick; a New Time Unit and its Stunning


The Oculus team of Facebook technically invented the flick. It is something a very tricky way of dividing time theoretically, which could make production of audio and videos much more congruous. A flick is generally a second’s one hundred and five million six hundredth thousand. In digit that is 1/705,600,000 of a second. One may think why this flick is useful? Like for instance there’s list of numbers into the one where 1/705,600,000 evenly divides; 8, 16, 22.05, 24, 25, then 30, 32, 44.1, 48, 50, 60, 90, 100, 120, and so on. The pattern is to be noted here. Those who aren’t from the media work still these numbers will appear somewhat familiar. This is so because some these numbers are used in showing things or encoding on stuff such as; music and films. 120 hertz TVs, 24 frames/second, 44.1 KHz are some of the sample rate audio.

Using flicks make all the significant fractional frequencies turn into a decent exact round numbers where no estimation or bars are needed, like for example; 1/24th of a second is equal to 29,400,000 flicks. 1/44,100th of a second is 16,000 flicks, 1/120th of a sec is 5,880,000 flicks, and and so on that one wants to find out in flicks. Well these numbers may not seem much easy to remember but atleast for systems they make it way simpler with one another without creating any kind of fraction having inter-format, which needs to be yet another adjustable frequency. A computer prefers whole numbers and so seems human.

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You can either download, or fork, or may even scrutinise the formats of flick and the code on a GitiHub. In a form it is of great satisfaction where things are just fitting perfectly into other things. T is so because having things immersed in audio and video editing and also effects, frame rate stuff and timing always seemed a pain and hence this harmonization is truly welcomed in a sort. These team self-starters are truly worth praising for inventing such an amazing number and its creation of time unit so much useful.