facebook Time Management Tool for its Owners

Facebook is Advancing in a Time Management Tool for its Owners


It may consume a bit time, but the Facebook Inc. is thinking of introducing a feature that would prioritize a one’s time on Facebook to enhance the well-being of the user on Facebook, in response to some recent scandals. Facebook is working on the latest tool that will help users screen the amount of time consumed on this platform, featuring the new commitment of the company towards the well-being of the users that threatened trust issues in the sphere of social media.

The tool that’s lately known as “Your Time on Facebook,” was invented by a Boston Based engineer; Jane Manchun Wong who unveiled the feature after digging into the Android app of Facebook. The company now affirmed about this invention, stating to the publication that they are always flipping over on new ways to make sure that time spent on Facebook by its users is always well spent. This news drops in just after Wong rooted out an identical tool hidden in the code of the android app of Instagram. The chief executive officer of the Facebook subsidiary; Kevin Systrom personally affirmed that the team is developing a tracking usage feature after this invention. Although, not much details are available yet regarding what information Instagram will be displaying to its users. Anyhow, it’s quite logical to presume that this feature will be sharing at least few similarities with one parent company that Facebook is working on. Before its release, the form of the tool displays the time spent using on Facebook/day for the preceding week and rotating it daily on an average. It also consists of alert to alert users when they exceed their choice of time limit as put by them.

Facebook is all into trying it damaged reputation with all the trials to give more importance to its users in the hope that would help mend the reputation and thrust its position amid other demographics. This may also prove to be helpful in mitigating all the public critics faced by Facebook. As of now no news about when this feature will be available to the owners.