Facebook Working To Add Video And Voice Calls Option Back Into It Main App


Facebook once decided to split the chat feature away from the main app in a bid to shift people to Messenger App. But the social media giant is now reportedly working on adding voice and video calls to the main app. The company is apparently doing this to bring back more and more users to the main app.

The voice and video call features are at the moment available in the Messenger app. The calling feature is one of many features that Facebook has provided in the Messenger app. But there are updates on whether the social media giant would bring back other features of Messenger to the main app.

Facebook has confirmed that the voice and video call feature in the main app is being tested in many countries. The testing is also going in the United States and some users may soon be able to make and receive calls directly using the main app of Facebook.

This would make calling easier as one will not have to switch back and forth between Facebook and Messenger. However, the feature is yet in testing mode, and therefore it is not sure whether it would be rolled out in a full-fledged manner. The development is significant as some users had received Messenger inbox in the app last fall.

Connor Hayes, Messenger’s director of product management, said that users may see quite a bit of this in the coming days. This clearly indicates that Facebook is planning some major changes and bringing back voice and video calls to the main app could just be a beginning. Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg too spoke in favor of integrating the messaging service to the main app.

Zuckerberg had said that it would help users to reach more people easily. Lots of users had complained about the company’s decision of splitting the messaging feature from the main app. It seems the company has now realized the mistake it did in 2014.