YouTube Brings 8K Video Playback Support For Android TV App

Entertainment Tech

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube has announced a new ability that enhances the quality of the video. The company has added 8K video playback supports for the Android TV app. The 8K streaming is available for YouTube TV for Android v. 2.12.08 version. The support is, however, limited to devices. It said that 8K streaming is available for TVs running Android 10 and above. Users who are eager to see 8K content can update YouTube for Android TV to see if the feature is available for them. The new update is limited to some users. It will take some time to make the update available for everyone.

Before this, whenever users selected 8K videos on Android TV, it automatically capped to streaming 4K streaming. But the new update will remove this limitation. Also, YouTube has brought another significant change – Cast Connect support. It will enable users to control caste media on their Android TV with remote control. Users were earlier controlling it with the device that is casting the media. It means that when a user Cast a show from a streaming service on a smartphone, that particular service’s app installed in the Android TV will play the content. YouTube’s changelog had previously featured support for AV1 HDR playback. But the platform has now omitted it and included the Cast Connect support.

The Google-owned platform added 8K videos support in 2015. Five years ago, 8K cameras or TVs were not accessible to people so easily. The latest update for the Android TV app is surely a bit late by the hugely popular platform. Meanwhile, even if users don’t have an 8K TV, the company said that the extra bandwidth will result in better quality. YouTube is looking to enhance the experience of users by offering quality services. The latest development is significant as the market is adapting to 8K devices. Adding support to control the apps using remote will make for a more native experience. Besides, the company has improved the interface to pick a resolution as well.