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Google Assistant Gets 4.5 Lakh Marriage Proposal from India


At the launch of Google Home, the company told that it has received 4.5 lakh marriage proposals for its voice-based assistant from the Indian community. Google Assistant is likely to be getting along with the users of India quite well. Among several questions Indians asked the voice-based virtual assistant, “Ok Google, will you marry me?”.

Speaking at the event, Rishi Chandra, the VP of Product Management and General Managers of Home Products, told that the voice-based assistant has received around 4.5 lakh proposals for marriage from the Yoga land, India. The rapidly growing popularity of the virtual assistant with the Indian users can also attribute to the fact that it can now understand and speak in Hindi that makes it more friendly and personal to an average Indian user.

By observing the growing popularity, the Google Assistant is now made available in both languages, Hindi and English in India, added Rishi. Google Assistant was introduced to the world on May 18, 2016, is primarily available on Android OS smartphones. The Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers were launched in New Delhi starting the sell from 10th April 2018. The Home and Mini are available at Rs. 9,999 and Rs. 4,999 respectively.  Both are available online on Amazon to buy. These speakers are voice-activated and also powered by the virtual assistant of Google.

The tech giant’s AI (Artificial intelligence) based assistance can understand the content in English, Hindi, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean language and reply to the questions accordingly. It’s available on Android platforms, Google Home, Wear OS by Google, Android TV, Smart speakers, Google Allo, Google Pixelbook and also on iOS platform. Broadcast Features Alerts Everyone – Google Home smart speakers comprises an interesting feature called – Broadcast message. It allows you to generate and send broadcast messages to all people in your family via the Google Home devices.

With this feature you can ask the virtual personal assistant to send a message, for instance – ‘it’s breakfast time’ to all members of the family. All you need to speak is, “Ok Google, Broadcast “it’s time for breakfast” or “Ok Google, Breakfast is ready” and then your personal assistant will broadcast the message in no time to everyone over the Google Home Speaker. This feature will be available from April 11 on all Google Home speakers.

Google Home and Mini are Ok but No Google Max in India: The tech company has launched the regular speakers in India i.e. Google Home and Google Home Mini.  The company possesses bigger speaker called the Google Home Max, but as per the company’s statement, they aren’t planning to introduce the Home Max in India. Google Home comes with different interesting features also supporting Netflix, Gaana, Saavn, YouTube and Google Play Music. However, it is still incompatible with Hotstar application but accessing it via Google chromecast TV is possible.