Nintendo Lining Up with VC Fund

Nintendo Lining Up with VC Fund to Light on New Tech for Switch


The gaming giant; Nintendo is searching for ideas to throw into Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo co. is teaming up with the San Francisco based Scrum Ventures for start-ups outrider working on new ways for using or playing the top gaming consoles of the Japanese company, the Switch. The program, powered by Scrum, will be searching for start-ups, lines up across larger companies or even researchers of the university developing a new tool for enhancing the platform of Nintendo Switch, along with sensors, chips,  components, or other add-ons, as stated by the venture capital firm. Nintendo and Scrum will be providing outside developers with assistance for bringing down products to the market. Neither company schemes for direct investment in the start-ups.

This shift is a departure from the usual approach of working of Nintendo with the established hardware suppliers. If decided on, the technology across some of the new comes may be mingled with the products of Nintendo or launched under its brand, amid other possibilities. The Kyoto-based company is striving for innovative ideas that may lead to new experiences in the gaming for the Switch and help in maintaining a strong sales momentum to the device.

The Switch that retails for almost $300 is fundamentally a tablet, which can be played or hooked up to a television on the go. An early-stage venture capital enterprise; Scrum told that it will be selecting teams to work with before pitching their ideas to the Nintendo in the fall. The VC firm stated offerings for software titles won’t be under consideration. Scrum has a rigid tie to Japan.

A senior executive officer of the Nintendo; Ko Shiota told in a statement that they are always ranging over ways for the evolution of entertainment, and one of their approaches is to look forward for inventing unique technologies, which would be added to the experiences of the Nintendo Switch via the program governed by the Scrum Ventures.

By knocking outside developers, the unusual approach of Nintendo exemplifies it’s aimed towards experimentation. The company has been rewarded by the investors for out of the box ideas.