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iPhone 7 and Other models Have Increased RF levels – FCC to Retest All iPhone Devices


Apple is in deep troubles again as the iPhone 7 and other smartphone models from the company are not in the legal limits of the RF levels. According to the individual tests done by Chicago Tribunal Newspaper, the iPhone 7 models were found to emit more than the permissible radiofrequency radiation. Not just the iPhone 7, but other iPhone models were found to exceed the radio frequency emission for permitted limits. The tested limits from the Newspaper are double than what Apple claimed in the regulatory filings.

After this, the FCC has decided to retest all of the devices from Apple for Increased RF levels. According to the rules published on the FCC website, the approved smartphones on sale will exceed RF radiation more than permitted limits. As the iPhone 7 and other models are not in the permitted limits, the FCC is going to retest the devices and might disqualify them if found guilty. The testers at Chicago Tribune tested four iPhone 7 models for emission, and all of them leaked the RF radiation that is exceeding the permitted levels. Upon checking the data submitted by Newspaper, FCC will conduct random testing on the devices in the coming two months.

FCC has declared the ideal RF radiation value at 1.6 watts per kilogram averaged over one gram of tissue. iPhone 7 exceeds the radiation levels when kept 2mm and 5mm away from the body. The Chicago Tribune did the testing on some of the popular models like Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy J3 and many others. Most of them exceeded the recommended levels when kept 2mm away from the body, mostly in the front pocket. Samsung Galaxy S8 performed worst when kept 2mm away with 8.5 Watts per Kilogram. Fortunately, FCC will retest all of the devices for revised RF levels.