iOS 11.2 Apple Pay Cash

iOS 11.2 and WatchOS 4.2 to Have Beta Versions of Apple Pay Cash


The Apple Pay Cash has finally been launched in the Beta version for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch which will allow the users to receive and give payments via iMessages and will also allow them to use the payment mode in stores thanks to the virtual debit card issues by the company. The beta version of the facility has officially been released and hence it can be used by public beta testers who have an iOS version of 11.2 or a WatchOS version of 4.2. The feature is limited to iPhone SE, iPad mini 3, iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation), iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air 2. Apple has stated that the feature is already available for public usage and will appear in the message app if people are messaging via the stated versions of the operating system.

Apple Pay Cash will allow you to make payments with the already existing debit and credit cards in the Apple Credit. The service will be free if you are using a debit card but in case you are using a credit card then you will have to pay an additional charge for the process. Although this feature was set to be released along with the updates in September, but wasn’t ready for the launch. However, the employees of Apple along with various retailers were using it for quite some time.

Once you have the set up for Apple Pay Cash, you can add money as and when you want to and that too in the manual form, but for now the highest limit for the amount that can be added has been set at $3000. The app also allows you to check your balance and spending history which you can also email to yourself. It also works with Siri.

Apple Pay Cash is secured by a two-step verification process which allows you to provide it with your billing address through which you can make early purchases. Whether you want to automatically accept payments or manually is up to you.