WhatsApp Tests Multi-Device Capability Without A Phone With Limited Users In Beta Version

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Instant messaging app WhatsApp could soon get the multi-device capability. The company has launched a beta version of the new feature. It will let users access their accounts on multiple devices. It is testing the new feature with limited beta users. According to WhatsApp, people can now use their WhatsApp account on smartphones and up to four other devices simultaneously. The four other devices can be non-phone. The company said that people can use services on desktops even when the battery of the smartphone is dead. It said that users will be able to enjoy the same level of privacy and secrecy on all the linked devices. The messages will be encrypted end-to-end on all four devices.

Each device will be connected to the WhatsApp account independently. WhatsApp said that the product team has developed new technologies to maintain user’s privacy while managing to sync data. WhatsApp so far has allowed users to use the app only on one device at a time. It, however, provided support to use an account on a desktop simultaneously. It requires scanning a QR code using the camera of the smartphone. WhatsApp web uses the app installed in the smartphone as the primary device. It works by mirroring the device. The smartphone should be connected to the internet to keep the WhatsApp Web active. The company promised to expand the Beta program globally soon.

WhatsApp said that the new support will give a seamlessly synchronized experience to users without compromising their security. The company said that each device will have its own identity key once the multi-device support is rolled out. Users are so far identified by a single key. WhatsApp said it will also provide users with control and protections over which devices are linked to their primary device. Users will still need to link devices by scanning a QR code using the camera of the smartphone. WhatsApp will provide biometric authentication also. Users will have to verify before linking the feature to other devices. They will be able to see the devices linked to their account. Besides, WhatsApp will show the time of last use. Users will get the ability to log out remotely.