Tesla To Set Up New Data Centre In China To Keep Data Locally As It Faces Ban

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Tesla is expanding its footprints beyond America. The electric vehicle maker has decided to set up a new data center in Asia. The new center will come up in China. Tesla is one of the largest electric vehicle makers in the world. It is owned by billionaire and tech enthusiast Elon Musk. The data center will be used to store the data of vehicles. The company said that it will keep data collected in the country locally. Data collected from outside China will not be kept at the upcoming facility. The decision to launch a new data center came after the Chinese government banned the parking of Tesla’s cars from more locations. The government has asked several of its officials not to park their Tesla cars inside the government compounds.

The Chinese government banned the parking of Tesla vehicles inside its compounds at multiple locations citing security concerns. It said that cameras and other equipment installed on the vehicles could pose a risk. Government officers in Beijing and Shanghai have been directed verbally not to park their Tesla cars at the place of their work. It is, however, unclear if the restrictions will be imposed on the entire country. It is believed that cameras and sensors can compromise crucial government data. Reports suggest that the restriction is only applicable to Tesla vehicles and not the others. Earlier in March, China had barred Tesla vehicles from entering the country’s military complexes.

According to Tesla, the new data center will address the concerns of the Chinese government. It said that more local data centers will be set up in China. Data related to sales of Tesla vehicles in China will be stored in the center. Tesla had earlier reported that it is facing some challenges in China. It had said that there are some obstructions that the company is experiencing in data collection from the cameras and sensors that have been installed in the vehicles. Notably, the Chinese military had even issued a notice to Tesla car owners over parking the vehicles. Tesla uses cameras all around its vehicles to collect data. Musk recently clarified that Tesla cameras are not used to spy on China. Tesla sees China as a potential market for growth.