Chrome Browser From Chrome OS

Google Working To Separate Chrome Browser From Chrome OS, To Release Two Updates


Google is preparing to separate the browser Chrome from Chrome OS. The development is significant as the company will be able to release separate updates for both — Chrome and Chrome OS. Chromebooks are definitely useful but after some time users start facing one major issue. This issue is related to updates. Chromebooks stop receiving Chrome OS updates after a given period. Unlike Windows, macOS, or smartphone OS, Chromebooks and Chrome OS come together. They are tied together. This means, when users stop receiving Chrome OS updates, they also stop getting Chrome updates. Google has now promised to fix this issue by separating them.

In another setup, users have the feasibility to update the Chrome browser alone. They don’t require updating the operating system simultaneously to receive the browser updates. Updates are important for enhancing the safety of data and enhancing the performance of the software. Companies release updates for software and apps from time to time. These updates are released to fix the bugs and existing issues the users face during work. In a Chromebook, when it reaches its Auto Update Expiration date, users start losing new Chrome OS updates. This is when the main issue arises. This ultimately results in losing Chrome updates as well. Losing updates means the browser will become outdated and vulnerable to malware.

The company has not provided any timeframe when it will introduce this feature. But any step in this direction will seemingly be fair as Chromebook users will be able to use their devices for a long. Google is currently working on a project called Lacros. It is testing Lacros to meet its objective. Adding Lacros support can help Google to separate the Chrome binary from the operating system. This will allows Google to release two separate updates for both – Chrome and Chrome OS. Once the feature is rolled out, users will not require to update the browser and the OS together. It is believed that Google’s is taking longer than usual because of the pandemic.