Huawei’s Phones Won’t Be Able To Use Google Apps


The Chinese tech giant company Huawei, is developing high-end technology products, but because of a trade war, the company is facing lots of issues. Recently Google’s spokesperson said that Huawei would not be able to use Google licensed apps since they are not allowing a Chinese company to do it. Huawei is reportedly going to launch 5G enabled smartphone Mate 30 Pro in the next month, but that phone will not have android and google licensed apps. Google a few months ago officially decided not to let use them android operating system. As a result of that, Huawei had to develop its own smartphone OS.

However, there are many other companies in the USA which can sell equipment and related things to Huawei after getting an exclusive license for it. More than 130 applicants have applied for equipment of sale and making a trade with Chinese company Huawei. In last week Huawei’s vice president said that they are not planning to launch their newly developed smartphones with its Harmony operating system. However, after a recent statement from Google, it seems like the Chinese company might not have any other options. Android is an open-source platform which means anyone can use it, and that’s why Huawei will most likely going to use it.

Huawei’s most awaited 5G enabled smartphones are going to be critical attractions for many people and its competitors. Trade war has negatively affected the company’s international also domestic demand; still, Huawei managed to get out of that phase. Chinese giant company faced a massive amount of criticism from president trump along with tariffs. But they are still developing their own operating system and probably going to use it far higher level. Huawei is planning to launch Max 30 Pro on September 18, and tech enthusiasts are waiting for this event.