Netflix Is Becoming Wall Street Investors Favorite Stock


Movie streaming business currently is dominated by the only company, and that’s Netflix. Netflix recently received lots of praise when Roma yesterday received an extraordinary amount Oscars. There has been controversy regarding Netflix way of making business because many film directors thought Netflix produced films don’t deserve an Oscar nomination. However, it seems like the academy knows the real value of cinemas and that’s why Netflix produced films like Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and Roma received tons of Oscar nominations this year. So far Netflix stocks have been increased by more than 32% also it became second best gainer on S&P 500 index.

Netflix has always been a favourite of value investors, but because of rising competition in the movie streaming industry, some investor still is skeptical about company’s future performance. Some analysts are predicting that it will be good to buy Netflix stock because the company soon is going to register a right amount of growth. In last month Netflix decided to increase subscription price of its platform for more than 58 million US users.

Some people at that time criticized this decision of company, but now it seems like it would bring the right amount of sale. In a survey, Netflix subscribers said that they are ready to pay a higher price for watching movies on Netflix. So now investors are predicting that Netflix soon will increase its costs for international audience also by the end of 2019. Investors who like to pick top stocks are closely watching Netflix from last many days since it has become one of the top gainers on wall street. Currently, the financial market is not in a good position and yet this tech company is giving a right amount of returns to its investors.