In J.D. Power Quality Survey Tesla Been Found At The Rock Bottom


When it comes to businesses, they are also measured by third-party companies who conduct the survey about which one provides valuable services. One of those surveys is a J.D. Power survey of new cars that states the car buying satisfaction which customers get. In the latest unofficial J.D. power quality survey done, it measured all of the big 33 automobile manufacturing companies, and Tesla has been ranked last. Jd power survey studies the relationship between the company executive and buyers. The one which has good relations gets top rank in this survey. J.D. Power said that this new survey which they conducted, Tesla did not fully cooperate with them. Electric car making companies did not go fully cooperative with J.D. power, and analysts think this is the reason why Tesla has been ranked top bottom.

According to this survey, analysts ask owners of the car about the service they are receiving from a car making company. However, Tesla did not permit to survey owners in 15 states, and that’s problematic. Because of such a contradiction and nonsupport from Tesla, JD power surveyed without their help. They asked about the quality service which they are getting to more than 1200 Tesla owners. Even though this survey was done without the help of Tesla, executives of J.D. power think it’s mostly accurate.

This survey shows, most customers complain about not receiving batteries and electric motors. Experts think the problem Tesla faces is basic manufacturing, and they need to fix it. Electric car making companies are new to manufacturing, and it’s hard to sustain large numbers of manufacturing at such a high rate. By focusing on a good number of manufacturing units, they will be able to give a satisfactory performance to their customers. However, Tesla did not give a specific comment about this survey, and everyone’s waiting for Musk’s tweet.