Instagram Testing Latest Posts Tool To Show Newest Posts First


Popular photo and video-sharing app Instagram is working on a new feature that will change the way users see the posts. The Latest Posts tool is currently in the prototype stage. The feature, if becomes a reality, will show the latest posts first. The Facebook-owned app in 2016 switched away from a traditional reverse-chronological feed to an algorithmic feed. Users now scroll through an algorithmic feed that shows content first users interact with most. Reports suggest Instagram has been spotted prototyping the new feature internally. The feature appears as a pop-up over the main feed. This way, it brings users to an area where it shows the latest posts first.

It is not clear when the tool will be rolled out for the users. But Instagram developers are certainly thinking something about it seriously. The American social media company said the feature is not available publicly and there is no plan to launch it anytime soon. Instagram has time and again shown a willingness to revamp some of its features. Reports suggest that the Latest Posts tool was part of a recent hackathon at Facebook. The news has brought cheer to Instagram users who miss the reverse-chronological feed. The feature allowed users to see the newest posts shared by the users they follow.

When Instagram switched to the algorithmic two years ago, many users complained that it was confusing and they were missing posts from their dear ones. Instagram argued that an algorithmic feed increases engagement as it shows the relevant posts first. At that time, Instagram didn’t give the option to switch back but assured that it will show all the posts. Instagram has been persistent in improving users’ experience. The most recent feature Instagram added is a tool to clean up the following list. The feature allows users to cut down on the number of accounts from the Following list. The company said it ensures relevant content appears in the feed and filter the noise.