Acer Chrome OS Tablet

Acer Introduces with the First Chrome OS Tablet


Desktops, Laptops, Convertibles, almost all-in-ones have been running on Chrome OS, but that didn’t run on any tablet. Now this time a change is taking place with the Chromebook from Acer Tab 10, which is the first tablet to be running on the Chrome OS. The Chromebook Tab 10 by Acer is very much very much in the competition with the iPad, and that specifically comes into notice since it got declared just a day before the Apple is expected to announce its new low-budgeted model.

The Tab 10 features 2048 x 1536 display on a 9.7-inch screen-just similar to the iPad, having both front and rear-facing cameras, an approximate battery life of nine hours, 4 GB of RAM, an OPI processor, 32 GB of internal storage, and one USB-C port. There’s even a micro SD card slot along with a headphone jack. But one thing that’s especially noticeable here is that the Tab 10 boasts stylus support; like the Galaxy Note series from Samsung, the Tab 10 even comes with a small stylus just built right in. That’s a Wacom-branded stylus and doesn’t need a battery or any kind of additional charging power.

This tablet will be rolling out for $329, and that’s the identical price just like the latest entry-level Apple’s iPad. Apple is expected o launch an iPad that’s worth $259 by tomorrow, but if one urges to have a stylus; Apple lately rolls out that separately for an extra $99. It also demands to be charged and stored separately.

While Acer has planned to sell the Tab 10 publically, it’s mostly aiming the device towards education market. And it’s not any coincidence that this Tab 10 is being announced today: Google and Acer are very much trying in forestalling Apple with their own education-oriented tablet to buoy up Chrome OS in which it’s already leading.

The new Tab 10 will most probably have some benefits over on some of the stuff that Apple will be introducing tomorrow. Although it may be slightly higher in price, with a non-powered, integrated stylus making it easier to store and use. The Tab 10 will also be capable of running on Android apps.