Nokia Is Coming To TV Market With Its Brand New LED Smart Android TV


Nokia is the company which created a tremendous amount of popularity in the mobile phone market, but from last few years, the company has gone into its lowest points. Even though a few months ago, the company made a comeback with its newly android mobile phones, but that was not enough. Now Nokia is getting into the TV market with its branded new LED Smart TV. Nokia is going to collaborate with Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart for selling of these smart TVs.

This unique 55 inch Nokia Ultra HD LED smart android TV will have two 24-watt speakers from JBL, which makes it a good sound system. The TV is going to have a 16:9 display along with 60Hz refresh rate; it also includes three HDMI ports, two USB ports and support for Dolby vision to give the users a great cinematic experience. Nokia said that the TV would run on an Android operating system along with a quad-core processor and 2.25 GB of RAM, which is suitable according to its budget. This smart TV is made available for Indian users for 41999 Rupees or $589.

Nokia is trying to enter into a new market since they have made a comeback into the smartphone industry by launching an android smartphone. Nokia decided to partner with Flipkart into this deal because the e-commerce startup knows the behaviour and demand of Indian users. Flipkart recently got acquired by Walmart for a considerable amount of money, and this new venture is nothing but a small step towards experimenting new things. Flipkart is using Nokia’s brand name to promote TV brands into the country in which a third party retailer already has many loyal customers. Some experts are saying the price is a little bit high for an Indian audience; still, it will be interesting to see how the brand name of Nokia will perform in the TV segment.