Most of the Facebook Users Don't Care About The Company's Data Scandal

Most of the Facebook Users Don’t Care About The Company’s Data Scandal


Facebook has recently released its fourth-quarter earnings report which shows that it had outperformed everyone’s expectations. The recent report shows that the tech giant managed to earn a considerable amount of revenues despite facing so many controversies and which is an ultimately an Indication that many people don’t care about the company’s recent controversies. The users of Facebook in the USA stood stable, and it did not diminish which everyone was predicting before the news came out. It seems like the media coverage which Facebook has got did not leave any effect on its growth. However, the most shocking thing about the company’s performance was its stable users base in the European countries.

In Europe, Facebook has faced lots of controversies because of data privacy issues and for some cause company even had to pay millions of dollars to the EU for violating the rules of GDPR. But it seems like many Europeans don’t care about their data privacy or related issues since the user base from this continent has been stable throughout the whole year.

Another improvement which Facebook is trying to do is to change the way how it is operating because a few days ago the company announced that it’s going to merge WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger under one roof and will manage all of these three apps simultaneously. It’s easier for tech companies to get success when people don’t care that much about the negative side of a company. However, Facebook is not the only tech company which has been into data scandal and still performed well because Google and Amazon have also been accused of same things, but they both have zero effect of such news.