Non-Sugar Sweeteners

Study Shows Non-Sugar Sweeteners Are Also Not Healthier Like Sugar


Many people who have diabetes or sugar problem mostly try not to consume sugar which is usually very harmful to their health, and that’s why such people consume non sugar sweeteners. People widely use non sugar sweeteners because it’s good for their health. However, according to a recent health study it’s been found that artificial sweeteners are not healthier as compared to real sugar and it also carries the same health disadvantages. Many artificial sweetener companies through a massive amount of advertising convince people to buy their product which is healthier as compared to real sugar, but a recent health study shows it’s not true. A European group of researchers studied the effect of non sugar sweeteners on more than 14000 people.  

After observing so many peoples who consumed non-sugar sweeteners, they found no useful health benefits of these artificial sweeteners which many companies always claims of providing. Researchers think that people nowadays have got the tendency of believing that such kind artificial sweeteners are good for their health due which the consumption of such products has increased from the last few years. However, some health experts believe that this case study is incomplete because it just shows that alternative sugar sweeteners are not suitable for health, but it doesn’t provide the solution. Many companies who produce such things have done the marketing very successfully due to which now people don’t have any other choices than these artificial sweeteners.

Obesity has always been the problem in the USA also many companies are marketing such product by making people believe that after consuming such sweeteners they can burn the calories, but that’s not right. However, there needs a good alternative of sugar for those people who due to health issues can’t consume them.