Spy Satellite

The Launch of NROL-17 U.S Spy Satellite Postponed Till Next Year


The Launch of US Spy Satellite which was delayed previously is now postponed till the early next year. Recently, the US Spy Satellite launch was postponed multiple times due to the issues with the ULA Delta-IV rocket boosters issue. According to the scientists, they suspected in the Rocket booster, and that’s why delayed the launch. As the problem was supposed to get resolved within a few days has not yet fixed, the launch has been delay till the first few weeks of 2019. The ULA Delta-IV rocket was supposed to take off with the NROL-71 Clandestine Satellite from the New Vandenberg Air Force base.

The mission controllers canceled the launch 10 minutes before the expected launch time after noticing the minor hydrogen leakage from the boosters. Even the small issues can cause big problems; the mission was called off and now postponed. According to the statement issued by the ULA representatives, the Delta-IV rocket with NROL-17 will not launch anytime before the 6th of January 2019 due to technical issues. The rocket is supposed to launch on or after 6th of January 2019 from the Space Launch Complex-6 of the New Vandenberg Air Force Base.

The first planned launch was on December 7th but was postponed due to the problems in the communication link between the Launch Pad and the mission control center. On the next day, the launch was again delayed due to the issues with Terminal Countdown Sequencer Rack. After that, the supposed launch was on the 19th of December, which were called off due to the unexpected hydrogen concentration in the rocket. As of now, the rocket will not launch anytime before the 6th of January, 2019 after the issue with the rocket is fixed permanently.