Netflix Testing Human-Curated Content Suggestions for Subscribers


Netflix’s suggestions are based on the pattern of watching by the user. The algorithm of Netflix suggests the users according to their pre-selected preferences and also the streaming history. But not everyone is happy with the suggestions algorithm as it shows a lot of random and uninteresting content to the users. But now, Netflix is currently testing a new system, in which the users will be suggested a human-curated collection of movies and TV series to the subscribers. With the human-curated content for subscribers, the company can suggest interesting content to the user by tracking their viewing history.

Just like the curated music playlist that you get on the Spotify service, Netflix is testing the same on its platform. The human-curated content is currently in the testing phase, hence you might still see the algorithm-curated content. The collection is based on different genres, themes and browsing the history of the subscriber. As of now, Netflix is testing this system on iOS app only and not available on any other platform. Also, there is no information available on whether it will be made available to all of the customers or not. But there is a high chance that the feature will make its way to public release as not many people are happy with crappy suggestions feature.

According to Jeff Higgins on Twitter, the feature is the easy way to find the best movies and TV series to watch. Instead of the algorithm finding the best shows to watch, the list is being curated by an actual human. This system increases the chances that the subscribers will see only the best suggestions in the feed. The smooth transition between the collections based on themes will also help the users to find the best content to watch.