Amazon Fire TV

The New Fire TV From Amazon To Compete With The 4K Apple TV


E-Commerce and online shopping giant Amazon has launched the latest Fire TV. The launch comes just days after Apple launched its very own 4K Apple TV. The company announced on Tuesday that the new Fire TV set-top box streaming device will support high-quality 4K and HDR formats. The Amazon Fire TV is set to compete with Apple TV which announced earlier this month. Apple 4K TV also supports the 4K and HDR formats for the very first time.

The market has been set ablaze by the announcement of these two devices. The major difference between Amazon Fire TV and Apple 4K TV is the price. The Amazon Fire TV is a more pocket-friendly device costing at just $69, while the new Apple TV 4K costs $179 for 32GB of storage, and $199 for 64GB of storage. Besides the price, there are many other technical specifications which differentiate the two streaming devices.

Though Amazon Fire TV and Apple 4K TV are two massively popular devices, both have their share of positives and negatives. The biggest edge that Amazon Fire TV has over the Apple 4K TV is that it supports Dolby Atmos. Apple 4K TV does support more HDR standards and Gigabit Ethernet but fails when you talk about Dolby Atmos. The major factor in deciding which streaming box you should go for is the price and features. Whether or not the device you’re buying fits into your current TV setup or audio setup.

If you are looking for a streaming device to watch 4K and HDR content on your TV then Fire TV is your best bet. With Dolby Atmos, Amazon Fire TV stick is a great thing to have the cinematic experience. Amazon is offering a return policy on its products. So if you don’t like a product, you always have the option of returning it back. Apple though has a 15-day return policy while Amazon extends this privilege to 30 days to get a full refund.