Nvidia Titan V

Titan V: Nvidia’s Fastest GPU Till Date


Nvidia has made a habit of providing the world with the fastest GPU more than once in every year and recently it did just that again. The all new Titan V, in an attractive get up of black and gold, is said to be one of the fastest PC GPUs ever seen before in the market. However, in spite of being consumer grade and also the fact that it was developed for the new Volta architecture series that Nvidia has, this GPU actually retails at $2999 and is based on the lines of artificial intelligence along with the processing on scientific stimulations. Still, so far this Titan V PC GPU is the first consumer grade GPU that Nvidia has released.

In the details that Nvidia has given regarding this new release, they have also announced that this all new Titan V PC GPU has HBM2 memory of up to 12 GB, with 5120 CUDA cores and it promises almost 110 teraflops of performance from the all the 21.1 billion transistors had it consists of. Also, along with the previously mentioned parts, the Titan V will have about 640 tenor cores that will assure that this PC GPU has the ability of deep learning with far more enhanced performance than its other existing versions.

Though, Nvidia had release the Pascal and the GTX 1080, they have not yet commented on whether the Titan V is going to be a gaming GPU or not. As these are already expensive to manufacture, Nvidia might not do that for now. Also, the Titan V is now available for purchase and one customer can only buy two of them.

Regarding the Volta architecture, Jensen Huang who is the CEO and the founder of Nvidia has said that the team at Nvidia wishes to push and stretch the limits of its performance in terms of artificial intelligence and computing to gain the best possible outcomes. What remained the most positive statement is that Jensen Huang declared that with the Titan V he has targeted the audience at large because now he has opened the doors of research and discovery to interested scientists.