Reed Hasting Said Netflix Is Not Going To Offer Its Service On Apple TV Services

Reed Hasting Said Netflix Is Not Going To Offer Its Service On Apple TV Services


In movie streaming business there are many companies which are trying to dominate this industry but failing miserably because of many reasons. However, Netflix is that company which so far has achieved right amount of success in this sector, and now Apple is also trying to launch its own streaming platform called Apple TV. However, in a recent interview given by Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings, he said that Netflix is not going to join Apple TV and will use its platform to gain more customers. Apple, to diversify its source of incomes a few months ago, decided to enter into movie streaming business and that’s why on upcoming Apple event company is going to launch Apple TV service.

Apple already said that it’s going to collaborate with CNBC Corp, Viacom and Lion’s Gate Entertainment Corp for producing content on Apple TV. However, Reed Hastings considers Apple has a rival, and he doesn’t want to share the company’s content with Apple.

While talking more on this topic, Hasting said that Netflix should not try to get afraid of growing competition in this sector and it shall learn from them. Netflix is that company has which did not get any positive response from investors in its early days but now this company dominates movies streaming industry.

There are other companies like Walt Disney and AT&T which are trying to build their movie streaming platform. It seems like competition is getting fierce in this sector. Netflix is famous for making favorite films which now are getting Oscar fame also so it will be interesting to see how Apple is going to create and maintain the same type of quality content. Hastings at the end of the interview said that he wants to see more competitors since that it will make this industry grow at a faster rate.