Samsung has recently announced that it has already started the production Universal Flash Storage Memory chip which will have the storage capacity of 512 GB. This memory card will provide all Samsung mobile phone users with the opportunity of potentially endless storage.

Usually, the phones with maximum storage capacity have space of about 128GB and 256 GB. But if Samsung is able to produce this Universal Flash Storage Memory chip then it will easily surpass all the standard chips that exist. Samsung has also given details that these will be eight 64-layer 512GB V-NAND chips, and taking the same amount of space, the chips will also increase the storage and density of Samsung’s 256GB chip by almost two times its usual capacity.

Nowadays, people are using a lot of apps and slowly the space taken up in increasing with the increase in the size of the apps and also with video and photo cameras inbuilt and updated versions of operating systems and thus, a new memory chip providing a great amount of space is actually a very good thing. According to Samsung, the Universal Flash Storage Memory chip will be able to store about one thirty 4K Ultra HD videos of about 10 minutes each.

As declared by Samsung, the Universal Flash Storage Memory chip is being designed to be used on their next generation of phones but whether the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Note 9 will have is the big question, as both are scheduled to be released. Or else it might be so that this Universal Flash Storage Memory chip will be use in the mobile phones manufactured by other companies like iPhone is already using some Memory Chips released by Samsung. But it is highly possible that the next Samsung Galaxy phone that is released will have this all-new Universal Flash Storage Memory chip of 512GB giving an immense Storage capacity to your phone. Also, the other good news is that the chip will read and write data up to 860MB per second and 255MB per second respectively.