Fitness Watch From Withings

The New Fitness Watch From Withings Has A Built-In ECG

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When it comes to protecting you, there are many tech companies which are making new and innovative gadget which will tell a person about their health situation and Withings have also made a similar type of ECG inbuilt sports watch. Withings is already famous for its exceptional electronic products which lakhs of people use, but this time company has decided to create a fitness watch which will give its users on the spot an ECG just like many other smartwatches. The company has been trying to make a fitness watch like this from last few months and now they have successfully launched Withings Move ECG which has a built-in ECG and it can be used to detect any heart problems or abnormalities to prevent you from getting harmed.

The sensors which have been put on the back of the case of the watch can be used to detect any health problems relating to the heart. However, even if the company thinks that this product can be useful for those people who suffer from heart disease, still it can’t be launched by Withings unless it gets an FDA approval. Each reading takes only 20 seconds, and the results are uploaded to the excellent health app Health Mate which after review will tell you the conclusions about any abnormalities found in your body and will also let you send you a PDF file of your final report to the medical doctors. Even if this feature might be interested and useful, but the company can’t launch that watch unless they get an FDA approval.

Other than this feature Withings Move ECG watch will also calculate how many floors you climb and will tell you how many calories you’ve burned after exercises.  There are many other smartwatches in the industry like Applies Watch, and it will be interesting to see Withings is planning to compete with such type of giant companies.