Trump Advised Apple

Trump Advised Apple To Make iPhones In the US instead of China


From last few days, the stock market has not given any good news for the apple because the prices of Apple’s stocks decreased after the company declared its low projection of revenues for the last quarter of 2018. However, while giving a press conference the president Donald Trump said that the only thing which apple and Tim Cook should do is to stop manufacturing iPhone in China and they shall open its factories in the US soil.

Apple is famous for its excellent hardware, and many big manufacturing plants of the company are in China which according to Trump is not giving any benefits to the US. After a question asked to Donald Trump about the recent fall of Apple’s stock president said that it’s normal for the company like Apple to face such type of hard situations because since he became president Apple has hardly faced any downfall in the US stock market.

On Wednesday Tim Cook while presenting the letter to the investor of the company said that the company’s revenue of final quarters will be short of more than $9 billion which is still concerning the investors. From last few days due to such kind of revelation Apple has lost more than $53 billion in the market valuation, and yet, the company has no idea regarding what the step they shall take to stop the downfall of its stock’s value. However, according to Donald Trump, he said that Apple needs to consider again of making it’s manufacturing plants in the USA which will benefit both the company and country. He thinks because of overseas plants the US is losing the opportunity to earn tax revenue from Apple and He thinks Tim Cook soon will take significant decisions to stop the company’s negative performance.