Samsung Galaxy

Things you’re Likely to have on the Next Flagships of Samsung Galaxy


Time has rolled and it’s exactly that time of the year again for all the Samsung lovers. Samsung is prepping up to unveil some of the high end all glossy smartphones at the biggest mobile confab of the world. And it’s a great moment of joy for the Android owners. The team of the Tech Crunch will be on the MWC’s ground in Barcelona within a time span of two weeks to shower all the news to the public.

S9+ & S9 Unveiled:

The grand unpacking has happened of the Samsung S9 and S9+ smartphones. On the other hand most of the manufacturers of the smart handsets are skipping n the launch of flagship at the 2018’s MWC. More like they are sensing a pinch of shrinkage from the market of Chinese smartphones. But Samsung this time isn’t sensing such thing, not this year at least. The biggest smartphone maker of the world is expected to unleash the Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 at the MWC show.

What to Expect:

This time Samsung is surely trying to draw a huge attention to its camera with an eye-catching upgrade. Rumored news says that Samsung’s new set could come with a FaceID for scanning user’s face, and may also insert some emoji and also some fun camera features, just like the Apple’s animoji to keep up with the competition with its rival.  A Blass source also claims that Samsung will be introducing a selfie mode with animated avatars to the S9.

Further there will be a notch on the new S9 and S9+, which is a shaped sensor unit. The company’s PR clarifies about the top-of-the line hardware chipset. Another leakage tells about the new position of the fingerprint scanner that’s located just underneath the rear camera this time. Another take from the leaked images reveal that the S9+ set does have a great visible camera hardware that differs from the S9. The enhanced dual lenses of the S9+ will give more depth to the photography features.

Samsung claimed that the launch of S9 will change the outlook in a whole new way of experiencing smart handsets. But for now it’s better not to get too high on expectations before the final launch.