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iMessage has Competition to Deal with Google’s New Messaging App

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For a long time now iMessage which is available exclusively on iPhone, Mac and iPad has had no competition because there was no parallel to this chat app in Android. But now it seems that that rival has arrived. Google is now coming up with a similar application called Android Messages which will give iMessage a hard time if it is successful. Previously Google had tried to provide an alternative which could possibly take down the market for iMessage, but in each occasion it had failed to do so. However, now with Android Messages there seems to be a definite chance that things might be looking up.

Android Messages, which Google is developing is not quite as similar as Alo or Hangouts which are also chat apps. But it is a “texting app” from Google and it is very likely that Android phones will soon be having an updated version of it. It has also been learnt that Android Messages might soon be available on your personal computer as well, just like WhatsApp or other similar messaging apps which have a PC as well as a Mac component, making it an extremely convenient app for most people. To make this work, users will have to install an extension for the browser as is expected and then a QR code will have to scan to connect with the PC or the user’s Android phone. Android Messages will be supported by all browsers therefore there is no restrictions on its usage. This gives Android Messages an advantage over iMessage which is not supported by all browsers.

It is likely that very soon Android Messages will allow texting when there is WiFi connection. iMessage is an excellent app and many users have stuck to the usage of it because of the convenience it provides by allowing SMS to be sent normally to nearby devices and also instant messaging if cellular or WiFi connection is available. But Android Messages are upping the game now and being a text app with Rich Communication Services it will allow the transfer of documents and photos too. Therefore it is almost too clear that iMessage has met its match and will have a lot of competition on the immediate future.