Twitter Lifts 600 Followers Restriction To Host Space, Lets Anyone To Host Audio Chatroom


Twitter has announced a major change in its policy. The change is related to Spaces. The company said that it will now allow anyone to host a Space. It is an audio chat room feature by Twitter. The company said that anyone on Twitter can now host an audio chatroom. Twitter earlier applied some restrictions on hosting chatrooms. The ability to host a chatroom was limited to accounts with a minimum of 600 followers. The microblogging platform said that it found such account owners will have a better experience in hosting audio chatrooms due to existing followers. However, has now lifted this restriction. Twitter also said that it is rolling out the ability for every user on both the platforms Android and iOS to host audio chats through Spaces.

Twitter has also announced an accelerator program on Spaces. The program is available for creators. It will discover and reward creators with financial, technical, and marketing support. It is named Twitter Spaces Spark. Twitter said that it is an accelerator initiative program by the company for three months. Twitter will select the creators and reward them. Those selected will be given a monthly stipend of USD 2,500. Besides, they will also receive monthly ad credits of USD 500. They can spend to promote their Spaces on the platform. Apart from this, such creators will be allowed to have early access to new features that Twitter plans to introduce. Twitter added that its official handles on the platform will offer support to the creators.

According to Twitter, the new program will provide opportunities to creators for in-app discoverability prioritization. This will improve the overall performance of Spaces. Meanwhile, the company is also planning to introduce plans for Ticketed Spaces. However, this will be initially limited to iOS. This will allow the hosts to monetize their accounts. Twitter earlier had said that it will charge a three percent cut in the earnings of creators from Ticketed Spaces. Twitter introduced Spaces to take on Clubhouse. Clubhouse gained popularity during the pandemic. It is an audio-based social media platform. It is an invite-only platform. It lets people talk in real-time across the world. It was launched in April last year. Twitter launched Spaces in the same year. It is seen as the rival of Clubhouse.