Instagram Testing New Tools To Allow Creators Find Sponsors And Make Money


Instagram creators have reason to cheer. The popular photo-sharing app has announced to launch a series of tools to support creators. These tools are aimed at making it easier for creators to increase their participation in monetization activities. In other words, the new tools will make it easier for creators to generate revenue through the services on the platform. Instagram said it is testing affiliate shops. The company had previewed the feature earlier at the Creator Week event in June. Notably, it is an extension of existing shopping features offered by Instagram’s parent company Facebook. According to Instagram, storefronts’ latest version lets the creators advertise their products.

Creators can link directly to products that are part of affiliate arrangements. The company said that creators will make money by earning fees in commission. Whenever their followers search and buy products from these affiliate shops, creators will get a portion of the amount paid for the items. Instagram said that the shopping feature is only available to creators for now. Creators who have joined the affiliate program can take benefit of the security. Instagram is also working on introducing a dedicated partnerships inbox. It will ease the brands to establish communication links with the creators for sponsorships. The company said that the DM will get a section for dedicated partnerships.

Instagram said that the new inbox will give priority placement to messages from the brands. It will get messages from the brands only. The company said that creators will be allowed to skip the requests section. Notably, the incoming messages are lost in the section often. Instagram said that it is also testing a new inbox to allow potential partners to leave messages. Separately, it is developing tools for creators to identify brands. Creators can look for interesting brands they want to work with. The brands will also be able to search creators. Brands will have the option to search as per their requirements based on various factors.