Twitter Readies New Feature Reactions To Let Users React To Tweets


Twitter is pushing for a new feature called Reactions. The company is testing the feature for months now. The feature is believed to be ready for a rollout. The microblogging platform said that the feature will get four reactions options. They are tears of joy, thinking faces, clapping hands, and crying faces. Twitter said that the Reactions feature is designed to allow users to express their feeling more dynamically. It will give users the ability to better show their emotions to their followers. It added that Reactions in conversations will allow users to understand others’ feelings. This will make conversations more engaging and enhance users’ experience.

Reports say that Reactions is among other features that Twitter is planning to roll out soon. The other features are Downvotes and Sorted Replies. The three features are, however, likely to be introduced to iOS users. The platform has started to store data about downvotes. This is an indication that Downvotes will be launched soon. The company has also changed the position of Downvote. Twitter has added a new tab. The tab explains in detail how the feature works. Twitter started the pilot of Downvote on iOS in July. The feature allows users to mark upvote and downvote replies to a tweet. The downvotes are not public. The upvoted will be shown to users as likes.

Twitter recently extended its in-app tipping feature to Android users. It was launched for iOS users earlier. The feature is designed to send and receive money. The feature is called Tips. Twitter’s support page said that the new feature will allow users to look towards getting financial support on the platform from their followers. Twitter said that it has added a Tips section under the Edit button. Users will have to select the Tips button to start receiving tips. The company said that the feature will support creators, help users in raising funds, tip someone in need, and thank someone. Twitter had in May first introduced the feature.