Twitter Spaces Now Available To All Users With Over 600 Followers


In a bid to take on invite-only audio chat app Clubhouse, Twitter has decided to open its Spaces more broadly. The microblogging site said is opening Twitter Spaces for all users having 600 or more followers. This will be applicable for both iOS and Android users. Similar to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces is an audio-only voice chat platform. It allows a host to stream voice chats with other users on the platform. The audience on the platform can either listen in or even join the conversation. With this, the company also officially unveiled a host of features that Twitter is testing and planning to launch.

Some of the features that will be available on Spaces are scheduling features, Ticketed Spaces, reminders, improvements in accessibility, support for co-hosting, and others. Ticketed Spaces feature allows hosts to get rewarded by monetary support for the experiences they create. They will be rewarded for providing listeners exclusive access to the audio conversations they are interested in the most. Ticket prices can be set by hosts. Initially, a limited group of people will be available to use Ticketed Spaces features. While the major chunk of the money will go to hosts, Twitter too will keep a small amount of that. Reminders will help users to be aware of and track what’s happening and when.

Talking about the 600 followers figures, Twitter said that it fixed the number based on its earlier testing. Twitter said that accounts with 600 followers or more tend to have better experiences while hosting live conversations because they already have a good number of audiences who can tune in. But the company maintained that it is working on bringing Spaces to a larger audience in the near future. Meanwhile, Twitter is concentrating on developing new features. Shifting its focus towards creators, Spaces may soon allow multiple co-hosts. Creators maybe even allowed to charge for their live content on the platform.