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Apple’s New iPhones Are Getting Sold At a Faster Rate Than Predecessors


When it comes to iPhones, Apple is that tech company which hasn’t made any significant improvement in the selling of old iPhones. However, recent reports show that newly launched iPhones are getting sold at a faster rate than its predecessors. Analysts reported that the shipment timing of new iPhones is getting delayed and the only reason behind it could be a higher demand. New demand trend shows the increasing growth of newly launched iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max.

Last week experts predicted something opposite because they said because of lack of 5G connectivity and new features, iPhones might not be able to get sold at a faster rate. The report showed shipment of iPhones getting delayed by more than two weeks. The demand for 256 GB iPhone 11 pro variant is getting increased among buyers. One of the critical issues which Apple is facing is the up-gradation of iPhones in China.

Since trade war has made things worse for the giant company, it’s unlikely going to release an upgrade. Hence Chinese customers will have to buy new iPhones. The shipment timing is showing delay for pro and max iPhones which was quite surprising for many analysts. Apple recorded a low amount of iPhone sales, and hence revenue also went down. However, with launch of these new iPhones, the tech giant company is planning to get ahead in terms of revenue. Revenue and EPS of Apple are going to see an increase which is going to give good news to its investors. Apple has slashed prices of iPhones with a very high margin, and it indicates that the tech giant company is expecting a growth in demand. The newly launched series of iPhones will surely give an increase in revenue to the company.