Twitter Working On Adding Undo Send Button To Allow Recall Messages


Twitter is exploring a new feature to allow users to withdraw a tweet. The microblogging platform is already working on developing the feature and has made significant progress. The feature is called Undo Send. Twitter will soon add a button for the new feature. The feature will offer users a short window of time. Users can give a rethink posting a tweet even after tweeting. The function is seen as a fulfillment of the long pending demand of users. Users were demanding from Twitter to add an option to allow them to edit the posts in case of spelling mistakes. As of now, there is no mechanism available on Twitter that allows users to edit the sent tweets.

The company is believed to be testing the feature with limited users. Its interface has now a new button. The button is named ‘Undo’. The button is shown beneath the text ‘Your Tweet was sent’. Twitter is yet to make an official statement about the new Undo Send option. It is possible that the feature can change before Twitter rolls out for users. The feature doesn’t have the ability to allow users to edit a sent tweet. It is a step that will help users identify and cut errors before sending tweets. Notably, Google’s email service Gmail has a similar feature. The company offers a short window of time to users to reconsider their decision on sending a message even after hitting the Send button. Users can block an email using this feature.

Twitter Undo Send feature will provide a window of 30 seconds. Users can recall a tweet within this time frame. Once this window of 30-second lapses, users won’t be able to withdraw or edit the tweet. Earlier, reports claimed that Twitter was working for a paid subscription service. The service will come with options like Undo Send button, tweet lengthy content, and more. Notably, Twitter has set a target to double its annual revenue to USD 7.5 billion by 2023. The company is, therefore, doing working on introducing exciting features to attract users. According to Twitter’s data, the platform reported 192 million daily users in 2020.