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Latest Mirrorless Camera by Canon can Shoot 4K Videos

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Ultimately Canon is incorporating the new 4K video with a new camera that’s mirrorless, known as the M50. The dainty shooter is, significantly, Canon m5 of 2016 with fewer buttons and dials having an extra streamlined body. But the modification in the internals and the swivel-out screen mean this going to be the most video-friendly mirrorless camera device of the company, to date with after been shipped in April.

The M50 worth $779 uses a 24.1 megapixel APS-C sensor, which is finely smaller than the one with 24.2 megapixels found in the M5. Notwithstanding that, the camera is eligible of doing more, and it will be able to capture far enhanced picture in low light, as claimed by Canon. In fact a thanksgiving moment as the M50 employs a totally new version of image processor of the Canon, the DIGIC 8. The M50 is the first ever Canon camera using the DIGIC 8.

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The DIGIC 8 lets the camera to shoot 4K video at a 24 frames/sec, 720p video at 120 fps, and 1080p video at 60 frames per second. DIGIC 8 also serves the M50 a faster speeds in still shooting; 10 frames/second in JPEG or RAW with one-shot focus, and also 7.4 frames/second with the continuous focus.

Canon struggled for years to come in the sphere of mirrorless camera space prior launching the M5 that felt like the first serious stab of the company at this piece of the market. However, it still had the blazing omission such as the capability to shoot 4K video, and even further free moving touch-screen. The M50 retrieves those, although some of the users will feel sad about fact that 4K is locked to 24 frames per second, or the fact that 120 fps isn’t available while capturing a full HD video.  One thing to be marked her as well that while shooting 4K video, the camera reverts to the autofocus and not dual focus.

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Fact is it seems like that Canon has taken another powerful step ahead with this mirrorless M50. Needless to say, it’s going to be the powerhouse for those stills. But the company is yet to propose the kind of wider versatility, which the videographers can get from other companies.