Mozilla In Its Latest Update Has Come Up With A List Of Recommended Extensions

Mozilla In Its Latest Update Has Come Up With A List Of Recommended Extensions


There are tons of browsers in the market which you can use for browsing but when it comes to best user interface Mozilla Firefox is that web browser which is used by millions of users. Users who have to go through a sea of extensions when they had to choose now won’t have to face that problem. A report shows that Mozilla in its latest version of Firefox has come up a curated list of suggested extensions. Now when you land on Get Add on page on Mozilla, you will be able to see tons of add on in suggestion.

Mozilla has curated these add-ons based on its usability, security and usefulness. This new feature will give a more accurate picture to the users about what type of add ons they should choose. Another essential feature which they have added is now users would be able to report any bugs problem directly through add-on manager itself. There are many times a user might face a problem, and it becomes hard for them to recognize its causes.

Now that’s why the Mozilla team has decided to allow users to complain about such add-ons. Another vital effort which Mozilla Firefox has taken is that they have tried to make Firefox Reader view darker. The user interface would get improved because of it, and many users who like to read through Firefox Reader View would love this new dark mode. Mozilla has given an update for iOS also in which they have changed the bookmark section. Now users would be able to make changes to the bookmarks which they have saved. Mozilla has given the option to reorder or renamed the bookmarks or even change their URLs also. Another essential feature which has added by Firefox is that now you can mention your favourite sites which you always want to open in desktop mode.

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