New Gaming Policy Of Youtube Let Creators Upload Violent Videos

New Gaming Policy Of Youtube Let Creators Upload Violent Videos


Youtube’s age restriction policies have always been hard, which is the main reason why Youtubers who produce content have to edit it before uploading it. Now in a new gaming-related system, Youtube has made some changes that will now allow creators to upload gaming-related videos containing simulated violence. This new policy will enable gaming videos to get uploaded without getting hit by age restriction policies.

Now everyone who is even not above 18 can watch these videos without any problem if the video has simulated violence. However, if Youtube finds out that the video has extreme violence, then it can put an age restriction policy on it. This new policy means there will be fewer restrictions on the rampage in gaming videos, but they will try not to promote real-life violence through it. However, this new video policy doesn’t allow creators to have control over what advertisers will think about it. If advertisers think the video is too violent, then creators will not be able to run ads on such videos.

The CEO of YouTube said that they had found some advertisers who can’t run their ads on the regular content of Youtube; hence, they need R rated content for advertising. Gamers on Youtube have always complained about the age restriction policies on gaming videos because of which they have not been able to run ads on their videos. Until and unless Youtubers play videos relating to Minecraft or Fortnite, they can’t run ads on other videos. Many advertisers don’t look up for a gaming niche when it comes to advertising, which is the main reason they avoid to put money on gaming-related videos. Gaming is an entirely new area on youtube, and the company is trying to attract advertisers into this niche by lowering the restrictions.

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