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Microsoft Launches Two New Previews of Windows 10 And Also Initiates Preview Program of Windows App

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Today Microsoft launched two new previews of windows 10 for PCs. This is perhaps an infrequent occurrence for the Windows’ insider program, but builds are sometimes launched in a quick concatenation. The first setup is a part of the RS4 branch that constitutes the next update of Windows 10, which the company is yet to announce, and the second setup is from the branch of RS5 and this represents the update of the Windows 10 that will appear in days to come of this year. Along with this what Microsoft did today is it also put the veil off from the Preview Program of Windows App.

Windows 10 is more like a service and that means it was built in a very divergent way from all its predecessors. Hence, it can be updated regularly with not just only fixes but also with some new features. So far, Microsoft has launched four key updates; Creators Update, November Update, Fall Creators Update, and Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 build 17101: The setup of the RS4 attributes improvements of app permission and input, along with Windows 10 Pro for features of Workstations. Currently the main focus is on stabilization, and it means on can expect further builds more quickly.

Windows 10 Build 17604: The RS5 setup is for the Windows Insiders those who have selected the “skip ahead”, and this means they will continue receiving builds from the branch of “RS_PRELEASE”. Only a tiny subset will be able to opt to the Skip Ahead just because Microsoft still requires some testers to help with the RS4.

Windows App Preview Program: Besides all this new builds Microsoft is also trying to give an easy access for Windows Insiders to try out all the latest updates of apps without having to opt for the “Skip Ahead”. This Windows App preview program enables testers in any ring for opting in to the preview of individual apps. For those who have already opted for the Windows Insider’s “Skip Ahead” don’t require opting for preview of these apps, since Microsoft will simply be shoving the latest updates of the apps to them beforehand.

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