Krafton, a PUBG developer, joins hands with NAVER Z to bring its own NFT Metaverse


Non-fungible Tokens are blockchain-based virtual tokens that provide digital scarcity and security. They are unique, non-transferable, and irreplaceable. This allows for digital ownership of in-game goods.

PUBG developer Krafton Game Union stated that they intend to create an NFT-game, despite the harsh criticisms received by gamers from recent NFT announcements made by many gaming companies.

According to, the company has made a deal with Naver Z (the operator of the Metaverse platform Zepeto), in order to launch a Web 3.0 initiative and an NFT initiative that aims at creating an NFT metaverse platform. Krafton’s NFT project is not linked to PUBG. Instead, the company plans to use its PUBG expertise in creating a User Generated Content platform and virtual environments using Unreal Engine.

This collaboration is between Seoul Auction Blue (Xbyblue) and uses technology to preserve and curate digital IP for the digital marketplace. Krafton has forged a relationship with these companies so that you can now purchase a PUBG Battlegrounds avatar and other related products. It also announced a partnership with Naver Z. This company is currently working on a hybrid Web3-based and NFT-based platform.

Zepeto is a platform that lets players communicate with 3D avatars via augmented reality technology. It has been owned by Naver Z for four years. While the technology and platform of Naver Z are used to create the yet to be named metaverse experience, Krafton’s skills will help create the world’s assets.

According to the release, users will soon be able upload their own content to the site. Krafton is one of the few AAA traditional gaming companies that has begun to incorporate NFTs and the metaverse into their business models.