Amazon Whole Foods

Amazon Introduces Whole Foods Delivery Service


Amazon has recently come up with a great option for most of its Whole Foods customers and is offering a free delivery service of purchased goods for two hours in a day in particular cities. This delivery system will start working from Thursday and is sure to be of immense help to those Amazon Whole Foods customers in Virginia Beach, Austin, Dallas and Cincinnati for now.

The delivery service will be particularly easy for those customers who have annual subscription of Amazon Prime as they will be able to use that account to shop for items which are stocked or available in nearby stores of Whole Foods and the payment will be made through Amazon or Prime Now. This allows them to make use of the free delivery option and have their purchases delivered in two hours time. However if a customer wants to have the purchased items to be delivered in one hour then an additional fee of $7.99 dollars will be charged and also the delivery will only be possible if the items bought are worth $35 or more.

To have this delivery service working efficiently, Amazon has seen to it that there will be people or “pickers” who will pick up the order from the local Whole Foods store. These “pickers” need not necessarily be Whole Foods staff; their job will be simply to take the order from the Whole Foods store and then package it. After that the order will be handed over to the drivers of Amazon Flex Delivery. The Amazon Flex Delivery has certain drivers who drive their own cars and deliver the packages at the customer’s location. This delivery system is used by Amazon Fresh, Amazon Restaurants, Prime Now and Amazon, so it is very secure.

Though there are a number of products on Whole Foods, starting from poultry and meat to fresh produce, the entire range will not be included in the option for delivery. However, Stephenie Landry, Vice President of Amazon Fresh, Prime Now and Amazon Restaurants, has said that they will try to include most goods on the list. The delivery will work from 8:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M which are the open hours of any Whole Foods store.