Donald Trump

Donald Trump Is Afraid That The Current Economy Might Cost Him 2020 Re-Election


According to various sources which state that the president Donald Trump is now getting worried about the current condition of the US economy because he thinks this situation might cost him next 2020 re-election. It seems like President Donald Trump is now got seriously concerned about the continuous fall in the US stock market which is weakening the US economy very badly. However, in his defence, Trump said to the White House members that it’s not fair to blame only him for the current situation of the US stock market and slow economy of the country. President Trump had already promoted during his campaigning that the US economy is going to the strongest during under his presidentship, but since the US stock market dropped to its lowest point in this year which is now becoming a concerning thing for trump administration.

The president Trump has already criticised The Federal Reserve for raising the interest rates which will slow down the country’s economy in next year. Trump began the much controversial trade war with China a few months ago, and he has promoted himself as ‘Tariff Man” while imposing new tariffs on China. However, so far this trade war has not benefited the US economy also that’s the reason many investors in the Stock market are getting worried about the country’s economy in future. Donald Trump a few days ago on Twitter said that the inflation of the country has got down and the unemployment rate is also getting lower, but it seems like even after such good things the US stock market is not showing any positive results.

However, many experts think that this downfall in the stock market is just temporary and soon the market will recover since the trade war has been officially stopped for a while by both countries.