Electric Sprinter Vans

Elon Musk Is Ready To Make Electric Sprinter Vans With Mercedes-Benz


Sometimes business rivals who want to climb the ladder of the success have to make an offer to their competitor so that they both can stay in their industry for, and it seems the same thing is happening in the electric vehicle business. Because according to the recent tweet made Elon Musk which says that Tesla is ready to make sprinter van with Daimler company. Daimler is holding by the giant automobile company Mercedes Benz who are trying to enter into electric cars business from last few years, and it seems like Elon Musk is not in the mood of competing this giant company and that’s why yesterday on Twitter he officially said that Tesla is ready to make electric sprinter with Daimler/Mercedes.

Daimler company was once a shareholder of, and it used to hold more than 4 percent stake in Tesla company, but in 2014 due to some reasons they decided to get out of the company and sold all of their stakes. After selling their stake in Tesla, they started to work on their own and recently Daimler has announced that the company is going to releases an electric version of sprinter van in early 2019. Many automobile sector experts think the reason why Elon is ready to make a deal to produce electric sprinter van is that he sees a potential competition from Daimler which means from automobile giant company Mercedes-Benz and that will not be good for Tesla’s plan.

From recent time Tesla has been in many controversies regarding their product, investment decision and mostly because of the company’s CEO Elon Musk’s controversial tweets regarding political and social matters which affected company’s stock very much negatively. But with this announcement, many Tela fans are happy because if the deal goes right then, consumers will be able to get the perfect electric van in the future.