Watch Movies For Free on Youtube

Youtube Is Now Going To Let Users Watch Movies For Free


Youtube is one of the biggest online streaming platforms which more than 1.6 billion people use every month, and we all know that youtube offers only videos on its platform, but now you will be able to watch free movies too on this platform. Currently, Youtube generates the revenue by showing Ads to the viewer, and many people know that if someone wants to a watch movie on youtube, then they have to “rent” that movie by paying a certain amount. But yesterday Youtube decided to drop that revenue model and they have currently added some movies to watch for free. Of you will see the Ads while playing a movie on youtube but that’s quite affordable than paying for the whole film.

Online streaming business is getting popular because we are seeing many tech startups entering into this industry and it seems like Youtube has also decided to come into this industry. If there’s one thing which only Youtube has and its competitors don’t have, then it will be this company’s daily active users. According to the stats 5 billion videos are watched, and now you can imagine how many of them will be interested in watching movies or TV series, and that’s the reason Youtube has decided to convert this opportunity into a successful venture.

Currently, there are some movies which Youtube added for free, and you can watch some classic movies for free but that’s just for now, and we don’t know what strategy is Youtube planning to implement. There are already some websites which offer Ad-supported online movies, and one of them is Roku which is getting popular among movie enthusiast because according to the site they service only relevant ads and let the user watch any movie for free. Youtube has the advantage of having a brand name and many users, but it will not be that much easy for them to convince the movie distributors to let them Ad supported movies.