Black Friday Deals

Exclusive Black Friday Deals are now Available from Thanksgiving Day


Though Thanksgiving Day is two weeks away from today yet Block Friday has already taken place in the market, at least for some retailers.  The country’s biggest retailer ‘Walmart’ has revealed Black Friday deals that are going to begin online on Thanksgiving Day (November 23, 2017 – Thursday). Interested buyers can join the Black Friday Online Sale at 12:01 AM ET on the mentioned date. The Bentonville-based retailer will open its stores 24×7 hours on Thanksgiving Day. This Black Friday, Walmart is coming up with dozens of new deals and discounts to lure more customers. From $6 pajamas to $998 Samsung TV deal is quite attractive and fascinating one for the customers.

In market’s ever-frenzied race to triumph over shoppers and their bucks, many retailers are in the queue to bring more and more special discounts and deals to cajole buyers. It’s interesting to know the fact that several retailers try to lock in sales during the 4th quarter of the year as it generates nearly 40% of their annual revenue. Sarah Engel, DynamicAction’s chief marketing officer tells us that no matter how we look at it but it’s clear that Black Friday has already started. As soon as we start our day on November 1, our email boxes and Message boxes are full of many promotions and discounts.

People can notice the in-store doorbusters are occurring earlier this Black Friday. Even J.C. Penney is all set to open its stores on Thanksgiving Day from 2 PM while others will follow them three hours later such as Best Buy (consumer electronics company), Toy and Juvenile-Product retailer ‘Toys R US’,  and Kohl. Target, the second-largest discount retailer in the U.S. is planning to open its stores at 6 PM with Walmart. This year the world’s largest company by revenue ‘ Walmart ‘ is tempting the customers via online mode by making the deals available online starting at 12:01 AM and the same deals will be offered offline too in their stores from 6 PM on the same day.

Steve Bratspies, the chief merchandising officer of Walmart stated that there will be no rolling deals in the current year rather it would be a kind of one event. Since the biggest retailer has shifted its focus earlier this time in November, others are also chasing it out of fear of being last. As per National Retail Federation, most of Americans have already begun shopping by November 1, thus the earlier discounts could form challenged down the line for retailers.

If all products are available with 40% discount then certainly it would take more efforts to get the shoppers excited for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc. -She added, How do you convince buyers to keep purchasing?

The Salesforce’s recent data indicates that this time, it would be the busiest online shopping day ever in the history of Black Friday.

The CEO of GroupBy (an e-commerce platform) stated that on Black Friday if a retailer’s website is down for just five minutes then there will be million dollar loss in those 5 minutes. Roland Gossage added that the pre-sales permit all retailers to test their available systems before the Black Friday sale.