Nebraska Turns into a First Red Stated for Introducing Pro-Net Neutrality Enactments

Nebraska Turns into a First Red Stated for Introducing Pro-Net Neutrality Enactments


Nebraska now becomes the first Republican-controlled state for launching its own venture to save the rules for net-neutrality. State Sen. Adam Morfeld (D) commenced legislation within the state legislature for enshrining the net-neutrality policing in law on the state level, this Friday. The bill of Morfeld would be keeping the providers of Broadband like; Comcast and AT&T from blocking or slowing down the content of internet and also from cutting down deals with content companies to provide them quicker connection speeds.

Though the fact isn’t transparent as how fast the bill is to pass the Nebraska, but to the Lincon Star Journal Morfeld stated that the state has already received support of bipartisan from other state lawmakers. Morfeld also stated that he knew the fact about his passion towards but was surprised about the fact of receiving support from the Republicans, from Libertarians and Democrats.

In the meanwhile, Washington, California, New York and Massachusetts are also taking into account adopting their self net-neutrality regulations after Chairman Ajit Pai of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) successfully spearhead the move for scrapping the federal rules in December. Even if they penetrate through the state legislatures, the legislations may encounter other challenges. In its order for crumbing net neutrality regulations, The FFC notes that it measures hinder net neutrality rules on the state level. Other state officials and law makers are planning for their own wills for preserving the regulations net neutrality as well.

Attorney General of New York Eric Schneiderman plans to lead a coalition of attorney general of the other states in filing a lawsuit for keeping the regulations. They need the support of 29 other senators for voting for getting the resolution to the floor.

In Congress, Sen. Edward Markey, is making a lead for launching a resolution of Congressional Review Act (CRA) in an attempt for backing up plans of Pai for scrapping the rules of net neutrality.

On Monday, Sen. Claire McCaskill agreed on becoming the 30th co-sponsor of CRA; the minimum amount for ensuring that will be receiving a vote on the floor of senate.