Vaccination Exemption Bill

Thousands of Parents Protests Vaccination Exemption Bill in Washington State


Even after the measles outbreak in the Washington state, thousands of parents are opposing the bill that strips the parents from the right to deny the vaccination to their kids. The lawmakers in the Washington state were hearing the testimony on the bill that would remove the parents from not vaccinating their kids for the measles, Rubella and mumps vaccines. Almost a thousand parents protested for an hour before heading and outside the House Health Care and Wellness Committee in the state.

The Measles outbreak in the state from last month is affecting a lot of kids, mostly from the Clark Country. To prevent the outbreak in large scale, Republican Representative Paul Harris from Vancouver. The bill is brought to avoid the mass outbreak and to implement the compulsion of vaccination in the state. As Washington has 3.7 percent of the school going children not vaccinated, the issue of measles, mumps and rubella might affect all of them. Just last month, Washington state governor Jay Inslee declared the state-wide medical emergency due to the outbreak.

According to Republican Rep. Paul Harris, the people in Washington state are concerned about the Immunity and health of the community. As the state allows an exemption in vaccination for personal and philosophical reasons, the anti-vaccination groups are brainwashing people not to vaccinate their kids. This is one of the main reasons behind the outbreak in the state. Currently, most of the states are in the phase of the Flu outbreak, and everyone is advised to get Flu shots to cure or prevent the disease. The proposed bill allows the parents to apply for medical exemption with appropriate exemption documents from the local health council.